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  • 13 Reviews
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    Natjely® is the first ever vegetable vaseline, 100% natural, it combines an excellent capacity to protect and resist against humidity with an intense hydration of the epiderm. 
  • 9 Reviews
    35,50 € In Stock

    The first ever biotechnological insect control shield, 100% natural, which uses the principals of the slippery wax of carnivorous plants to prevent insect adherence on hair. Ultra innovative and long lasting(48/72hrs) its action is mechanical, preventing the settling of insects on the coat and thus disenabling the biting or stinging of the animal...
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    "care glove" with 2 faces : one soft size to apply Derfly directly on the coat, the oher one for cleaning dust softely before applying derfly or to take off the asperities of the coat. 
Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items