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    "care glove" with 2 faces : one soft size to apply Derfly directly on the coat, the oher one for cleaning dust softely before applying derfly or to take off the asperities of the coat. 
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    Book available in French only.
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    Animaderm pocket care guide (36 pages), with photos of all skin conditions for which Animaderm provides a real solution.
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    SAMPLE 15ML - Natural skin renewing cream helping to restore damaged, irritated, chapped skin and all skin troubles. Instant relieving and soothing effects and the hair will grow back to its original state ! It acts in a most spectacular way and in record time, whatever the nature of the problem.  
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    30ml SAMPLE - (One per mail adress) Colorless Derfen® Clear instantly decrease all horse itchiness. RECOMMENDED FOR HORSES ITCHING DURING SRPING/SUMMER.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items