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All equine industry professionals (farriers, instructors, equestrian centres, etc.) and distributors (vets, saddleries, pharmacies, etc.) have their own rates.

If you want to RESELL our products and are: 

  A tackshop
  An equestrian centre
  A veterinarian

If you JUST want to USE our products and are:

  An equestrian centre
  A farrier
  An instructor etc.

Get in touch to open your ‘Pro Account’.

Please send us an email (contact@animaderm.com) which must include the following information:
  • If you want to resell our products or if it is for personal use
  • Your company name
  • Your adresses (billing and delivery) 
  • Your telephone number
  • your EU VAT number ((obligatory) or your company register number
All orders can be made directly online and completely independently, without needing to contact our customer services team. Your payment details and rates will be automatically added to the system as soon as we have confirmed your account.

Once our sales team have validated your account, you will receive a username, password and the website URL for your specific profile.

Our customer services team is available to help with all questions, special orders, and requests at +33 (0) or by e-mail contact@animaderm.com