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Animaderm now gives a part of its profits to each of its online sales made on animaderm.com to animal protection associations.

Animaderm designs and manufactures products for the skin of horses, 100% natural and eco-responsible. Since 2007 we have been involved in equine care, both by the products and by our scientific research on the welfare of this animal species. For the past 10 years, we have been helping equine but also "wildlife" associations by providing free products, advices and occasional partnerships. Today, we want to formalize this approach and develop it for two reasons:
  1. this is our business philosophy for 10 years, the reason why the company is born,
  2. we hate price wars, promotions and reductive promises. It is, in our opinion, a perverse game with no future.
Because of the price  war on this market, our products may seem more expensive. The "natural" concentrated and durable is much more expensive than the "chemical" diluted in water. Compared to their efficiency and frequency of use, they are actually 4 to 6 times cheaper than the competition. Unfortunaltly, the consumer remains fixed on a cost of purchase and not of use.

2 choices are available to us:
  1. Lower our prices (and therefore our margins), taking the risk of a loss in the medium term (lowering our research costs on equine health and inevitable risk in the long term of decreasing the quality of the ingredients) but in that way, we would increase our sales (but not our margins), thereby reducing our research costs and our associative shareholdings
  2. Maintain our current trade policy by developing direct sales to broaden our philosophy, participate more actively in animal welfare and promote our commitments since 2007.

 Our engagement

We chose to take the risk of the second solution, thus ensuring that we continue our research in equine dermatology and try to increase our participation, according to our business philosophy, to the improvement of animal living conditions.


This operation will be launched the first week of July 2017 and has no end date. The return of the profits on the sale of the products will be announced at the beginning at 3% (=more than 1 € per product (derfen500 for example)). Depending on the impact of this new campaign, the payout percentage can be as high as 10% (ie more than € 4 per derfen 500).

On the Animaderm website, the order form offers a drop-down menu showing the associations to which we will return a part of our benefits. The client choose the one to whom we will return a share of the profits of his purchase. The price of the products does not change, the customers will always pay the same price and the payment will be made on the margin of Animaderm. No financial contribution is requested from the client.

The more information will be relayed, the more donations will be important.
We are committed, and hopefully with our customers and associations.


This operation can only be done via our animaderm.com website. It is impossible for us to impose it to our dealers and for which we must ensure a sale price without any financial leeway for us. Charge them to copy this operation directly.


A device on social networks will announce this campaign and will be also shown on our website animaderm.com

We therefore invite any animal protection association (any type of animals ) to contact us at contact@animaderm.com with their full contact details (name of the contact person, postal address, email address, telephone number and siret).
However, we reserve the right to refuse an association that does not correspond to our criteria.