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Washing a horse with dermatitis requires the right product

When a horse has dermatitis, its skin is irritated and cracked, even if isn’t easy to spot with the naked eye. But repeated scratching damages the epidermis significantly. Moreover, regularly applying certain products gradually blocks the pores, preventing the skin from breathing. Add accumulated dead skin and the epidermis quickly becomes a disaster area!

Using a conventional or anti-bacterial shampoo can lead to all sorts of complications

  • skin, cleansed without a doubt, but very much irritated by the detergents
  • increasingly dry skin 
  • elimination of sebum (skin’s protective outer layer), exposing the skin to outside attack for 24 hours

Watch out for the type of cheap, so-called “horse shampoo”, that has earned itself the nickname “washing-up liquid” (something to think about...)

Using a suitable shampoo such as Shampoo will:

  • relieve itching
  • hydrate the skin significantly
  • cleanse deep down and remove encrustations
  • gently remove flaking skin and scabs
  • decongest swollen areas
  • create temporary artificial sebum, to replace the natural sebum while it reforms, thus keeping the skin safe in the meantime.
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    Soothing and calming shampoo for horse skin prone to itching, containing no soap, petrochemicals or their derivatives. Formulated using cleansing, foaming agents derived from sugar and coconut esters, this shampoo is 100% biodegradable and biocompatible and is specially designed for sensitive and allergy-prone skin. New : the shampoo glove available here

The information provided does not in any circumstances replace the advice of your veterinarian. It is the fruit of over 12 years’ experience and analysis of equine skin problems