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Reduce the rise of ticks on the horse

Unfortunately there is no such thing as a natural tick repellent. But there are other ways of fighting these harmful pests. For example, preventing them from biting (gluing them down, suffocating them, making the horse’s skin too slippery, preventing them from staying attached, etc.) is the best way of reducing their numbers.

To date, a mechanical barrier is the ultimate weapon. If you put a suitable plant-based mixture on certain areas of the horse, these acari (a type of arachnid) will soon lose interest!

To achieve good, lasting skin protection:

  1. Cover the areas with a breathable product: The skin must be protected but it must also be able to breathe or it will dry out, crack and itch. In no circumstances use Vaseline or any product containing it in any significant amount. Although it seems to be oily at first, after a time it has a drying effect on the skin.
  2. Opt for a balm, rather than a cream. Skin absorbs cream more quickly and its more liquid texture means it does not last as long and therefore needs re-applying more frequently. Balm is thicker, however, thus forming an effective, lasting barrier.
  3. Go for an ultra-hydrating balm: the more hydrated the skin, the more elastic it is and the less it tends to crack, something that can make it very itchy.
  4. Opt for a waterproof balm, which will be weather- and hose-resistant even in moderate amounts.
  5. Check the ingredients and make sure that none are photosensitising (citrus oils and many other ingredients often are). As your horse spends a lot of time in the sun, there might be a problematic reaction.
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Apply Natjely™ twice a week to :

  • throat
  • pasterns/coronets
  • belly/genitals
  • inner thighs/anus


The information provided does not in any circumstances replace the advice of your veterinarian. It is the fruit of over 12 years’ experience and analysis of equine skin problems