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Have your products delivered to your stable with all the application explanations specific to your horse

During confinement, Animaderm implements an exceptional measure:
Deliver the products ordered directly to the stable, WITH AN EXPLANATORY NOTE ON THE APPLICATION, PERSONALIZED FOR YOUR HORSE.

Thus, the manager of the stable, will be able to manage the care of your companion as simply as possible.

French version but translated in your package

The procedures are as follows (no change, except the form to be completed for each product ordered), explanations:

On animaderm.com exclusively:

1/ Select the product. The product sheet now presents a quick form to complete if you want to  us to organize the delivery to your stable. This allows us to create the correct indications in the note that will be added to the package.

2/ Before putting the product in your basket, answer all questions well. Please note, you cannot go back once the product has been added to your basket. So take your time.

3/ choose the capacity and the quantity

4/ Do "add to basket"". 

5/ Delivery: when entering the delivery, indicate precisely and the contact details of the stable in the "delivery address" zone.

6/ Then confirm your order and let us do it!

We will send you by e-mail the copy of the note which will be included in the package for the stable (also check that your email is without entry error)