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Softens scabs on legs, cleanses the whole area and protects the skin

Mud fever is an ongoing risk for horses during the winter. Animaderm Tea Tree Shampoo can be used to prevent or treat it, softening scabs, cleansing the pasterns and reducing the risk of cracks.

Regular, once weekly application of Animaderm Tea Tree Shampoo reduces the risk of bacterial complications related to mud, damp conditions and sand in schools.

  • Removes scabs
  • Removes dead skin and scabs deep down
  • Leaves a 24-hour protective film
  • Decongests
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Avoid using traditional shampoos

Most shampoos on the market contain cheap synthetic surfactants that foam easily but are very harsh on skin and mucous membranes. Frequent use breaks down the skin’s natural barrier (sebum) and leads to physiological imbalance in the skin.  When it has already been made fragile by damp conditions, abrasion from sand in schools or just constant layers of mud on the legs, this type of shampoo significantly attacks the skin, making it even more liable to cracking and therefore vulnerable to mud fever and infections.

Opt instead for shampoos like our Tea Tree Shampoo

  • Because it's natural
  • Because it’s made with cleansing and foaming agents derived from sugar and coconut esters
  • Because it artificially recreates the sebum that is removed by washing, helping the skin to protect itself while new sebum is produced.
  • Because it softens scabs significantly
  • Because Tea Tree is a decongestant and helps to reduce excessive accumulation of blood in the blood vessels


The information provided does not in any circumstances replace the advice of your veterinarian. It is the fruit of over 12 years’ experience and analysis of equine skin problems.