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The care of your horse's mane and tail is based on several essentials:

1- Suitable, natural products in accordance with the nature of the hair
2- A delicate care method with the least possible discomfort


The natural detangler without silicone or vegetable silicone, micellar that intensely nourishes, shines and detangles effortlessly and like you've never seen!
Made with Broccoli oil, known for its detangling benefits and anti-static effect.
HAIRCLEN™ removes dirt, nourishes and coats the hair for several days.

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From now on, the essential in your grooming kit!
The Silker brush allows you to detangle in successive layers, without any effort, without any breakage. It takes care of the mane during successive passes and gives it volume.

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Shampoo tea tree has become a classic in the care of the horse coat and hair. It is a great ally to remove encrusted dandruff, crusts (especially on the limbs), to cleanse the skin and to soothe it (ideal for itching). It cleans without aggressing the skin and leaves a protective film on the skin while the natural sebum regenerates.

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