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Animaderm is an independent French company that specialises in researching and developing dermatological products for horses. Our expertise is based on identifying unique plant- and mineral-based active ingredients, which we use to develop thoroughly researched solutions (creams and lotions) that are effective and easy to use.

Research & Development

  • Entirely based on natural ingredients
  • Range of non-polluting production methods
  • Partnerships with plant suppliers based on fair trade principles
  • New formulas are tested extensively and only the most innovative and exceptional products are chosen

A different way of thinking

In modern consumer society, the marketing and advertising strategies used can be overwhelming. We advocate integrity, quality, and service. We get involved with our researchers, partners, and customers. We have a long-term vision, in which natural products play a central role and your horses’ health is paramount. Our distributors are vets too, which guarantees both efficacy and reliability when testing our products and analysing the results.