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Fundamental research and field observations

At Animaderm, research is focused primarily on analysing the core properties of certain natural active ingredients and their effects on the skin, as well as the ways in which these products can work together. Our second key research area is identifying what causes equine dermatitis, an issue we have been focusing on for the past seven years.

Through the Animaderm Observatory , we collect data, information and scientific reports on the behaviour and condition of domestic horses compared with “wild” horses.

Food on the brain

Diet plays an important role in horses’ epidermal balance. We take a keen interest in the effects of various types of modern diet, in particular the impact of cereals and hay on horses’ wellbeing with regard to their quality, the quantity given and the variety of plants consumed.

Living environment is key to research

Our teams are conducting in-depth research into the spaces in which horses live. Water quality, cleanliness of living areas, the absence of parasite-friendly areas and even permanent isolation are crucial factors when studying what cause skin problems.

Active support from the Ministry of Research

"Two fundamental research projects under way at Animaderm have earned public funding owing to their potentially significant repercussions for human dermatology."

Research and development is one of the most important departments at Animaderm. Animaderm also invests significantly in research, for which it is receiving active support from the Ministry of Research. Above, an extract from the Ministry letter dated December 2014.