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Chorioptic mange (Leg mange)

Chorioptic mange (Leg mange)

  Summary definition: Dry skin attracts large numbers of mites, leading to severe itching on legs. Resembles extreme dandruff/white powder.

  Areas affected: Legs, sometimes abdomen.

  Season: Mainly winter and humid periods. Less frequent during hot and/or dry periods.

  Symptoms: Localised itchiness on legs, clusters of white flakes in the hair, dry scabs, clumped hairs. The horse regularly stamps its feet and bites itself.

  Short-term care: Treat again with acaricide. Hydrate the skin internally and externally

  Please note: Common in horses with lots of feathering (Friesian, Irish cob, draught horses, etc.)

Indicative information - Does not replace consultation with a veterinarian

Posted on 07/28/2016 Equine Parasitosis 21768

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