Terms and conditions

animaderm.com is a website of the company ANIMADERM SAS
Director of publication : Peg PANSART


The present general conditions of sale apply to all orders received by ANIMADERM SAS and are valid at the time an order is made. If any condition falls by default, it will be regulated by the legislation and practices for distant sales by companies registered in France.


Our products are offered from stocks held or, if not immediately available, within the normal delivery period agreed by the suppliers to ANIMADERM SAS. Although our standard offers are generally available, certain products may not be immediately available from our suppliers; the unavailability of one or more products is not the responsibility of ANIMADERM SAS. If one or more products become unavailable following an order, ANIMADERM SAS will advise the customer as soon as possible by email or post. In the same way, we are not able to absolutely guarantee availability of products shown or those available individually or in small numbers. With regard to availability, an order may be held back for a few days so that all items can be accumulated for dispatch. If the delay for any product is to be greater than 10 days, the order may be delivered to the customer in separate deliveries. In this case the customer will only pay for a single delivery. If the customer requires more than one delivery address, it will be necessary to create an order for each address and to accept the delivery charges for each order.

Article 3 : ORDERS

ll orders must include an initial identification of the customer; orders may be placed in the following ways:
- By internet : www.animaderm.com
- By post :

Service Retour 
Bâtiment les Pyramides
4 route de Pitoys
64600 Anglet France

All orders received via the Internet will be confirmed by email by ANIMADERM SAS if the customer has provided a correct email address. Orders will be processed with minimum delay. The automatic registration systems are of proven value in style, content and date of order. Information given by the buyer in the order is thereafter taken as commitment by themselves. In the case of incorrect address details being given by the purchaser, the seller accepts no liability for problems with delivery of the product.

Article 4 : PRICE

Prices are shown on the website in euros and pounds, excluding all taxes. Prices shown in other currencies can only be taken as indicative. Prices shown on the website may be changed at any time without notice. However, products will be invoiced at the prices in force at the date of the order. For other destinations customers should check delivery costs with ANIMADERM SAS. All confirmed orders will be invoiced and payable in euros or Pounds only. 

Products remain the property of ANIMADERM SAS until full payment is received and whatever the delivery date.

Article 5 : PAYMENT

Method of payment is at purchaser’s choice:  

- By Paypal, bank card (Visa, Mastercard), the purchaser must give the card number and expiry date in the spaces indicated for that purpose. Security of payment is guaranteed

- By bank transfer or money order. Any bank charges are to be borne by the purchaser.

It is essential to arrange payment for the total amount of the order

ANIMADERM SAS reserves the right to refuse orders from customers in dispute and agree to so inform the customer.

ANIMADERM SAS may demand a bank transfer in the case of doubt over deliveries ; the customer will be so advised by email.

Article 6 : DELIVERY

Shipment  is carried out by Fedex (delivery after shipment within 3 to 7 days). Parcels are addressed to the address given in the order. Dispatch is notified to the customer by email on the day of dispatch on condition that the customer has given the correct email address. In order to optimize delivery, it is advisable for the customer to provide an address to which the order can be delivered during opening hours. In the case of inability to deliver directly, the carrier will leave a note advising how delivery can be effected. The carriage being at the customer’s risk, it is advisable for the customer to check the parcels personally, and if possible, in the presence of the carrier. In the case of a technical product, the customer should verify its proper functionality in accordance with the accompanying instructions. If there are apparent faults, the customer has the right to return the product as in Article 7 below. The delivery times indicated at the receipt of order are the average delivery times to be taken as indicative and may vary according to destination.

In the case of delayed delivery or absence of stock from suppliers, ANIMADERM SAS cannot be held liable. Therefore no right is granted to the customer to annul the purchase, to refuse the product or to claim costs or interest.


If the product is not suitable, for whatever reason, the customer has 15 days from date of delivery to request cancellation of the order. The parcel must be returned by courier only, in the original packaging, in perfect condition and accompanied by the original documentation. Within a maximum of 15 days, the cost of the product will be reimbursed by cheque less any costs of postage; the costs of return of product will be borne by the customer.
Products damaged or soiled by the customer will not be reimbursed.

Service Retour 
Bâtiment les Pyramides
4 route de Pitoys
64600 Anglet France

Products sold by ANIMADERM SAS are identical to those of traditional commerce and provided by our referenced suppliers. They are guaranteed to be without fault. If a product is delivered defective or not complying to specification (errors attributable to ANIMADERM SAS) ANIMADERM SAS will agree to reimburse subject to the following conditions :

(I)return in original packaging in perfect condition,
((II) accompanied by a detailed reason and the original invoice,
(III) within a maximum of 15 days following delivery by package to:

Return Services -
Centre Européen de Fret -
1, rue d'Etxezahar - BP 60050- 64990 Mouguerre - France

Excepting error of ANIMADERM SAS, the customer will bear the cost of product return. The contractual agreement regarding package and delivery costs of the original order are not reimbursable. No claim for contra-reimbursement will be accepted whatever the cause.


ANIMADERM SAS treat all details of their customers in strictest confidence. To complete an order only necessary details are requested (surname, first name, address, email etc) for efficient commission of the order. Lack of such details will lead to non-validity of the order. Details provided on-line are registered on a secure server and immediately encrypted. Conforming to the Law “Freedom of Information” of 6th January 1978, the customer has right of access for rectification of details provided. For that it will suffice to apply to the Customer Service at ANIMADERM SAS by email (contact@animaderm.com -such emails are protected against automatic surveillance, the customer’s ISP must accept Javascript), or post or telephone. ANIMADERM SAS declares the entirety of its files to the National Commission for Information and Liberties. Customer information will not be passed to other organizations.


Products sold are described and presented with the maximum of accuracy. The information given about the products on the website eu.wellputt.com is derived from the information supplied by the suppliers. ANIMADERM SAS is not responsible for the products and cannot take responsibility with regard to the customer. ANIMADERM SAS. are unable to guarantee that the product will comply exactly with the customers’ requirements. The customer is solely responsible for the choice of products and their use. 

The photographs and text on the website and the illustration of the products do not form any part of a contract. In consequence the responsibility of ANIMADERM SAS cannot be claimed in the case of any errors in the photographs or the texts. 

Products sold via the website animaderm.com conform to the standards and laws . It is the sole responsibility of the customer to ensure that the product may be imported and used in the country of destination. The responsibility of ANIMADERM SASis not incurred in the case of failure of contract caused by lack of stock or unavailability of product from the suppliers, in the case of general or partial strike action in the delivery chain, in the case of force majeure outside the company’s control, for the following reasons (this list not being comprehensive) – flood, fire, storm, lightning strike, riot and accidents. ANIMADERM SAS – in all the stages of access to the website, order processing, delivery or later services – act solely as merchants. ANIMADERM SAS accepts no responsibility for damage or inconvenience caused by use of the Internet, particularly a break in service, external intrusion, virus attack or anything construed as force majeure conforming to law. In the same way, the company has no responsibility with regard to Internet sites which are linked by hypertext to the company’s website. In the case of complaint, the customer should first and foremost address ANIMADERM SAS as soon as possible to agree on an amicable solution.

All the elements of the website eu.wellputt.com which are visual (texts, photos etc.) or audio, as well as their subjacent technology, are the exclusive and lawful property of ANIMADERM SAS or of their suppliers as the case may be. Any reproduction, re-presentation or re-use, in whole or part, for other purposes or support is forbidden. Failure to observe this interdiction constitutes an infringement of copyright and may result in the engagement of the civil and penal responsibility of the perpetrator. A user wishing to place on their own website information taken from the homepage of the website of animaderm.com must seek authorization from ANIMADERM SAS without this being considered to form an implicit affiliation. Such links, including those authorized tacitly, can be withdrawn by simple request of ANIMADERM SAS.


Sales by ANIMADERM SAS from the website or other promotional material, by fax or telephone are governed exclusively by the French laws. In the case of legal action and failure to reach amicable accord, the French courts have sole jurisdiction. Hypothetically, where a clause or clauses in this contract become void or not pursuable because of a change in legislation, rules or by judicial decision, this will not invalidate these present general conditions of sale.


By clicking on the “Validation” button, the customer declares his acceptance of the totality of these general conditions of sale. That is also indicated by the process of purchase. Registration of data by ANIMADERM SAS will constitute proof of the operations of purchase and financial transaction effected by the customer.

These general conditions of sale may be changed at any time without notice.