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    Derfen™ Original lotion instantly soothes itching in horses. 100% natural and water-free (no evaporation), it helps protect the skin from damage due to repeated scratching and rubbing and prevents sensitivity in irritated skin. RECOMMENDED FOR HORSES WITH THIN/SOFT SKIN  THIN skin (derfen Original) VS COARSE skin (derfen clear)
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    Derfen® Original cream, the famous "DOC"! . Cream for itching sensations, for horses prone to sweet-itch, ideal for damaged and depilated areas. Sooths immediately and allows the skin to quickly restore. Black and fragrant cream.
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    The ideal lotion to soothe sweet itch in horses. This 100% natural, colourless, non photo-sensitising lotion, containing no water or cortisone, helps protect the skin from damage due to repeated scratching and rubbing and prevents sensitivity in irritated skin. RECOMMENDED FOR HORSES WITH ITCHY SKIN, PARTICULARLY WITH DRY/COARSE SKIN  COARSE skin (derfen...
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    30ml SAMPLE - (One per mail adress) Colorless Derfen® Clear instantly decrease all horse itchiness. 
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    Derfen® CLEAR cream is a cream that instantly soothes itching sensations, specifically designed for horses’ sensitive areas, such as the ears, belly and legs, prone to horse itching This colourless, pleasantly fragranced cream is enriched with moisturising ingredients and a water-repellent film.
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    Soothing and calming shampoo for horse skin prone to itching, containing no soap, petrochemicals or their derivatives. Formulated using cleansing, foaming agents derived from sugar and coconut esters, this shampoo is 100% biodegradable and biocompatible and is specially designed for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.
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    The first ever biotechnological insect control shield for horses, 100% natural, which uses the principals of the slippery wax of carnivorous plants to prevent insect adherence on hair. Ultra innovative and long lasting(48/72hrs) its action is mechanical, preventing the settling of insects on the coat and thus disenabling the biting or stinging of the...
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    Natural sun paste, specially designed for horse skin, with a very high index of protection, WITHOUT nanoparticle, ideal for markings, pink nose, and other sensitive areas prone to the sun. 
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    Natjely® is the first ever vegetable vaseline for horses, 100% natural, it combines an excellent capacity to protect and resist against humidity with an intense hydration of the epiderm. 
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    Natural, concentrated horse renewing cream with active ingredients that promote renewal of horses’ skin, instantly soothing and, above all, encouraging hair regrowth to near-original quality!
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    SAMPLE 15ML - Natural skin renewing cream helping to restore damaged, irritated, chapped skin and all skin troubles. Instant relieving and soothing effects and the hair will grow back to its original state ! It acts in a most spectacular way and in record time, whatever the nature of the problem.  
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    Triple Action Balm for horses, 100% natural, against moisture and associated bacterial and fungal complications. Water resistant, it offers an effective and long-lasting skin protection against external aggressions while soothing and nourishing, whatever the weather. The skin breathes and quickly becomes healthy and supple again.
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    Derfongen™ helps moisturise skin that has been irritated by dampness and mud. Its strong moisturising action softens and nourishes skin. It forms a strong protective shield.
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    Fourgen, a 100% natural serum, is a potent nourishing concentrate that helps protect horses’ feet from external damp and dirt. It is specially formulated for use on damp, soft or “rotten” frogs and its very high unrefined laurel oil (raw, with its properties intact) content makes it an ideal product to help solve hoof problems in record time.