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News "Derm" of the month

Benefits and misfortunes of garlic

Antioxidant, worm- and insect-repellent...side effects?

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Victory at Saumur at the international competition  for our duo, led by Stéphane TOUJAS.Animaderm et Attelage ST

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NATJELY®, baume naturel

Insects Mud Damaged skin

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Efficiency isn't pure chance

  1. Use of raw, unprocessed ingredients, untreated and concentrated.
  2. Minimum Application: 1 to 2 times a week or even less
  3. Shower and water resistant

Animaderm is well known and comitted since 2007.

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Made in France

  1. 01. Research supported by the Ministry of Research.
  2. 02. Expert in horse skin care problem for more than 10 years.
  3. 03. In-house design and manufacture of our own products.
  4. 04. A selection of the finest ingredients by our team.
  5. 05. In houseproduction.
  6. 06. A controlled and direct distribution and shipment.
  7. 07. Biologists and customer service available and accessible by phone or email.
  8. 08. Active support and funding on animal welfare.
  9. 09. A strong commitment to environment.

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Amazing ... 8 years of fighting against dermatitis

Derfen.. Todays is part of my essential purchases... my mare doesn't scratche over 3 days after I applied Derfen combined with a liver drainage to avoid toxins accumulation. Derfen is a miracle bottle for our horses.. A big applause

Derfen® Original



The results are prodigious!

A little message to tell you that I am blown away with cutene. I thought I'd buy a classic skin-healing product but the results are amazing! A lot more than those I used. we do not see anything and it's very fast! Thank you for these products and also for your valuable advice.

Cutene, rénovateur épidermique


Natural but not any kind


  • Chemical
  • Unrefined

  • Solvent
  • Undiluted

  • Non
  • 100%
  • 100%
  • 100%