At the end of 2023, Laboratoires Audevard acquired Animaderm to develop the brand and enrich it with its veterinary medical expertise. Animaderm enters a new era. 


  • 2007: creation of DERFEN: 1st water-free and 100% natural lotion against equine scratching problems.
  • 2009 : creation of CUTENE : 1st natural cell regenerating healing product on the market, allowing hair to grow back with the same color.
  • 2012: NATJELY Innovation Trophy: 1st large-scale vegetable vaseline.
  • 2015: Support from the French Ministry of Research: "two fundamental research projects, which by their fundamental interest, deserve to be backed by a public research structure, because their research could have an interest in human dermatology. It is important to note the marked will of this company to innovate and not to hesitate to launch important research projects".

  • 2015 : innovation : 1st biotechnological fly control Derfly. The principle: encapsulate essential oils in a dry micro-wax, based on the model of the model of carnivorous plants.
  • 2016 : Publication of the 1st scientific study ever conducted "Study of the factors influencing the occurrence of Equine Dermatitis in France"
  • 2019 : Labeling of our products by "one voice", a French association which campaigns for human rights, animal rights, environmental rights and respect for life in all its forms.


Many partners, stables, breeders, riders and ambassadors have been with us for many years. Special mention for their commitment to our side to

  • Pierre BEAUPÈRE, professional rider, dressage teacher and creator of the Evolution project
  • Andy BOOTH, Australian horseman, teacher and referent in France for ethological equitation
  • Cédric VALLAS, equestrian artist and breeder of lusitano, formerly Zingaro, Maitre Luis Valença, Delgado / Pignon family, Mario Lurashi, Cirque du Soleil
  • Stéphane TOUJAS, international 2 horse driver, breeder and owner of Lebron Animaderm and Magic Animaderm

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