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The latest version of secure payment

The animaderm website uses 3D Secure via Click&pay technology. The 3D Secure protocol involves an additional step in the payment process: authentication of the cardholder.

Authentication takes place after card details have been entered on a banking form external to the animaderm site. No banking data is therefore stored or recorded by our system. Banking data is exchanged exclusively from bank to bank.

In the case of strong authentication, different authentication methods are implemented by each bank, such as :

  • authentication by mobile application: The buyer receives a notification on his smartphone and authenticates himself via his bank's mobile application by entering a secret code or biometric data. He confirms the payment from the application, then returns to the merchant site.
  • security code authentication. The buyer receives a one-time code sent by SMS. They enter this code on the authentication page to authenticate themselves.

The payment platform handles exchanges with the authentication server of the cardholder's bank, and retrieves the result to finalize the payment. The transaction is therefore perfectly secure

Our system integrates the following security programs 

  • "Visa Secure (replaces Verified by Visa) is Visa's 3D Secure program.
  • "Mastercard Identity check" (replaces Mastercard Secure Code) is the name of Mastercard's 3D Secure program.
  • "Safekey" is the American Express 3D Secure program
  • "CB Secure Payment" is CB's 3D Secure program
  • "ProtectBuy" is Diners and Discover's 3D Secure program

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