Hair loss and dry skin in horses, when and where?

Skin can be dry in many ways and for many reasons. But depending on the area of depilation or the appearance of dandruff, it can give clues that can guide the type of care required. Here are the types of skin dryness you may encounter and their associated protocols:

- Dermatophilosis (brush-like hair loss leaving the skin bare) 
- Mane mange (dandruff and hair loss around the mane and tail)
- Hair loss on the belly line
- Consequences of itching

Diet, water and dry skin

Diet can be an aggravating factor. Deficiencies in vitamin E, omega and biotin, depending on the breed, can lead to dry skin.

Lack of watering (dirty, absent or heavily chlorinated water) can also be an additional cause.

Diet, water and dry skin

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