Sweat, not always visible

The skin "sweats" in the event of intense heat or physical exertion, but depending on the nature of the animal, the discharge will be located under the hair and will not be particularly visible.

Depending on its acidity, however, it may cause very localised hair loss.

Sweat zones

Hair loss due to acidic sweat is localised to the areas where the hair sweats, of course, but also to less obvious areas of discharge:

- on the head: temples, eyelid contours, back of ears

- on the forehand: back of shoulder, inside of legs, chest and shoulder folds

- on the back hand: flanks, upper inner thighs, inner legs, back of thighs.

Sweat zones
What to do?
What to do?

The treatment is extremely simple: water! Regular showering or cleansing with clear water and a sponge is often the most effective treatment.

Using a shampoo like SHAMPOO TEA TREE can also help the skin to cleanse itself and evacuate those acidic toxins stored under the coat, without damaging the skin. 

Avoid anti-bacterial products that weaken the skin.

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