Ruffled tail

If the horse only scratches its tail and no other part of its body, there are several possible reasons:

1/ the presence of lice

2/ worms (need deworming)

3/ momentary stress

4/ the onset of dermatitis linked to a feeding problem.

Ruffled tail
What to do?
What to do?

If you have a suspicion of lice, you'll need to contact your vet for specific treatment (and treat the whole herd).

In the case of scratching that does not involve worms, the first treatment is a soothing cleansing with SHAMPOO tea tree. Then, depending on the situation, we'll need to look at the horse's diet or emotional state (what has changed, even a few months ago). 

Of course, SHAMPOO tea tree should be continued, and a soothing anti-scratching lotion (from the DERFEN RANGE) should be applied to quickly stop the symptoms while the real cause is identified.

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