Atopic dermatitis

Atopic dermatitis

Misleading allergy !

  Summary definition: Hypersensitivity to environmental allergies (mites, pollen) linked to a weakness in the skin barrier and increased immune sensitivity

  Areas affected: Mainly the head, tail, mane, forehead, abdomen, sheath/teats and legs.

  Season: Depends on the type and number of allergens involved. Spring/summer: pollen. May be accompanied by hypersensitivity to insect bites.Winter/all year round: storage mites contained in hay, stored food, bedding, etc.

  Symptoms: Similar to those caused by summer dermatitis (sweet itch). Intense itching, hair loss, broken mane, wounds from scratching

  Short-term care: Soothing and deep-hydrating cream. Large wounds carry a significant risk of secondary infection. Wounds should be monitored and disinfected if required..

  Please note: Although the symptoms and treatment are similar to those for summer dermatitis, covers may not necessarily help if insect bites are not the main cause, particularly as covers will often just get torn.

Indicative information - Does not replace consultation with a veterinarian

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