Dietary dermatitis

Dietary dermatitis

Outwardly, all symptoms of horse summer dermatitis

  Summary definition: Hypersensitivity to dietary allergens, mainly those contained in cereals, alfalfa and additives (preservatives, flavour enhancers, etc.)

  Areas affected: Head, ears, forehead, mane, tail, back, abdomen and legs

  Season: Closely linked to feeds and treats

  Symptoms: Hives, itching, hair loss

  Short-term care: Soothing lotions/creams.

  1. Identify the food stuff that is causing the problem and eliminate it from the horse’s diet: Remove each different food group in turn and in full (as even a small quantity can trigger the allergy), including from treats (sweets, apples, carrots, etc.).
  2. Stop using the culpable food stuff completely.

  Please note: Again, the symptoms and treatment are very similar to those for summer dermatitis. Covering the horse is completely useless and should not be used.

Indicative information - Does not replace consultation with a veterinarian

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