TIP : Itching and food

TIP : Itching and food

Food overload in horses could lead to itching. Here are some ways to improve your well-being simply and with good sense.

Horse itching, also called summer dermatitis, sweet itch, equine dermatitis ... is not only due to insects.

The horse lives according to the seasons. We unfortunately forgot it. Originally, it was nature that fed him and on which he was dependent. it therefore feeds on what it offers and follows the established rhythm.

In winter and summer, the horse eats less because the grass is scarce or poor and its physical activity is intensified. These are his 2 detox period, vital for his liver.

Conversely, spring and autumn are sources of food abundance and limited movement.

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1 - Reduce food in winter and summer. If the horse just has hay and grass, try to provide poor hay. it will certainly lose some condition but it is natural and healthy.
2 - Make a hepatic drainage at the end of these 2 seasons. 20 days of treatment is enough provided that the food intake is reduced, otherwise, it is useless.

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