Scabs on the horse's legs: Case 4: Chorioptic mange

Chorioptic mange

Chorioptic mange can appear at any time of year, and is very easy to identify. The first sign is the presence of a sort of white powder when a finger passes over the leg. Chorioptes (small mites) invade the hair, causing a localized skin allergy. Horses stamp their feet or bite themselves, causing lesions and crusts of anarchic shape that eventually become infected. The lesions spread rapidly.

Dry skin is the main cause of this invasion, making eradication very difficult. Chorioptes always return. Recurrent care is therefore required, and internal vitamin E and omega supplementation is strongly recommended, but not guaranteed.

Chorioptic mange
Step 1: Sanitize and remove scabs
Step 1: Sanitize and remove scabs

Many small scabs will be present on the legs. The appearance of the skin will be very granular. 

SHAMPOO TEA TREE will deeply cleanse away all dead skin (food for mites), soften scabs and sanitize the area. No other shampoo offers this kind of cleansing with a soothing effect (this is a very itchy condition). We recommend you use a dog comb after shampooing to optimize the removal of roughness caused by shampooing. Drying with a terry towel is also very useful.

Shampooing can be carried out as often as dead skin (squames) or crusts are visible.

Step 2: Eliminate the invader
Step 2: Eliminate the invader

An acaricide is essential. Your veterinarian will be able to prescribe one for you. 

From a natural product point of view, DERFEN ORIGINAL and DERFONGEN are 2 lotions with active ingredients adapted to and hated by chorioptes. These 2 products also contain healing, moisturizing and protective agents that help repair the skin. For small wounds, use derfongen.

Apply every 4/5 days, taking care to spread the lotions over the whole leg. Using a soft brush on the back of the hair to apply the product is very effective and helps spread the product more evenly.


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Step 3: Repair and keep chorioptes far away
Step 3: Repair and keep chorioptes far away

DERFEN ORIGINAL CREAM (D.O.C.) is ideal for optimizing skin repair and protecting depilated areas, while keeping chorioptes at bay.

Apply to affected areas every 2 or 3 days.

DERFEN ORIGINAL CREAM also provides excellent protection against other environmental aggressions.

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