Soft hoof and horn . Soft, fragrant frog?

Hardening the horn for a healthier hoof

The hoof lives with climatic conditions. It adapts. 

But in some cases, living conditions don't allow the hoof to manage on its own (ammonia in the stall due to urination, or intense, compact mud in meadows, for example).

Treating a hoof that doesn't dry out is like drying off with a wet towel!

For a treatment to be truly effective, the first objective is to eliminate the excess moisture trapped in the horn.

Hardening the horn for a healthier hoof
Remove excess moisture
Remove excess moisture

Brushing the hoof and blotting it with a towel is welcome, but far from sufficient.

Once you've "groomed" the foot, apply ONGIFEN, the horn dryer, generously to the WHOLE hole foot, including the bulbs. ONGIFEN will then penetrate the horn and "suck out" the trapped water.

If the hoof (or sole) is very soft, repeat the application every other day for a week.  If the condition does not require so many applications, space them out. ONGIFEN also contains powerful sanitizing active ingredients that will destroy any bacteria present.


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Prevent horn softening

Once the horn is hard again, weekly care is all that's needed to both sanitize and prevent further softening. 

Please note that using a fork serum or ointment can only be really useful if you use a "horn dryer"  beforehand (or on top of it).

This will reduce the frequency of your treatments and optimize the result.

Prevent horn softening

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